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National Gas Machinery Laboratory

National Gas Machinery Laboratory
Kansas State University
245 Levee Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502

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Engine Test Center

To achieve low level NOX emissions, the industry requires a full complement of tools and methodologies. The engine test center represents just one of many such tools at the NGML.

The center consists of two fully instrumented cells with independent dynamometers capable of absorbing up to 1800 hp on the large cell and 250 hp on the small cell. It also utilizes an ECoM J2KN for emissions monitoring and a recently acquired FTIR system to further enhance exhaust analysis.

The engine test center provides users a low-cost alternative to evaluate technologies prior to costly and time-consuming full laboratory or field tests. Clients can provide their own engine or use NGML’s DP 115 hp Ajax engine. The test center provides:

  • The ability to pre-test various emission reduction technology prototypes to determine durability and impact on fuel economy and/or emissions
  • Test results from a single cylinder engine that are not effected by cylinder-to-cylinder variations
  • Natural gas fuel pressures up to 600 psig
  • A full complement of data acquisition equipment and analysis software to insure the reliability, repeatability, and integrity of all test results

The test center is available for industry use with all data and analysis remaining proprietary.

Small Engine Dyno.Large Engine Dyno.