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National Gas Machinery Laboratory

HFTC Capabilities

Test Cell Operation

The design of the HFTC includes a unique rail system and other features to allow eningeering technician to reconfigure the test cell to meet your needs. In addition the large inventory of transitions assures that nearly any turbocharger can be installed in the HFTC.

With a data acquisition system that meets ASME and SAE test codes as well as Nuclear Regulatory Comission requirements, the HFTC has the capability to provide all data needed to fully understand and document turbocharger operation.

The vibration system records horizontal, vertical, and axial vibration traces to identify abnormalties that a 1- or 2-channel vibration system could miss. The vibration monitoring system operates in real time so you can monitor traces during the testing. The NGML allows for the installation of additional instrumentation at your request.

Operating Conditions

As Designed and Built
FLOW RATE30,000 scfm
STANDARDSAE Standard J1826, Turbocharger Gas Stand Test Code

Students operating HFTC.      

Closed Loop Test Cell