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National Gas Machinery Laboratory

HFTC Testing Procedures

To schedule a turbocharger test at the NGML, Please contact Eric Figge to verify open testing dates and fax a PO to his attention at (785)532-3744. Testing reservations are scheduled upon receipt of PO.

Testing dates are held for 3 days prior to receipt of PO. Thereafter, the dates will be released for other tests. This calendar is updated monthly to reflect changes to the testing schedule.

One week before testing, the NGML must receive a written test plan. This helps us better prepare for the test and ensures tat your test will proceed with minimal difficulty.

Things to remember when scheduling a test:

  1. Transition requirements: We require outline drawings of all transitions. These generally take 2 weeks for engineering and 4-6 weeks for fabrication.
  2. Scheduling multiple tests with different models: Please contact Eric Figge for required down times for change out of transitions for multiple model testing.
  3. New models not preciously tested at the NGML will require a minimum of 2 days transition fit-up time. During this time we may need to weld near the turbocharger. The customer should advise if they wish to supply empty cases for this procedure or that we may weld with the complete turbocharger on the stand.
  4. Performance tests generally take 2-3 days. Usually the installation and testing require one day each, while removal takes at least half a day. Preliminary data is available at the conclusion of the test.
  5. Mechanical run tests generally take 1 day. This includes installation, testing, and removal. Preliminary data is available the next day.


Students working on the HFTC

Students working on the HFTC