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TransCanada High Flow Turbocharger Test Cell

Test Plan

Test Procedures


Whether a turbocharger is a hybrid design still under development or one destined for an air upgrade project, the TransCanada High Flow Turbocharger Test Cell provides the means to test operating performance and thereby calculate emission ramifications.

As emission requirements tighten, the demand for this independent turbocharger test facility continues to grow. This state-of-the art test cell includes:

  •  A well-engineered and instrumented test cell that meets ASME and SAE test codes
  •  A fully calibrated data acquisition system that meets Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements
  •  A software interface with the data acquisition system that eliminates human error and provides automated report generation
  •  A natural gas burner to heat air entering the turbine that allows a test to be conducted under simulated engine exhaust field conditions
  •  The ability to change operating condition parameters while under test to field operating conditions

The test cell can also achieve a 3-to-1 pressure ratio for improved testing capabilities as well as flow rates up to 30,000 scfm at 50 psig.