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Low Flow Test Cell

Test Plan

Testing Procedures


The National Gas Machinery Laboratory at Kansas State University has leveraged its large turbocharger expertise to move into the smaller turbocharger market with the commissioning of the low flow test cell.

The high flow turbocharger test cell has provided NGML opportunities to partner with the natural gas transmission industry and it is anticipated that the low flow test cell will allow NGML to develop similar relationships with the manufacturers of high performance turbochargers used in the over-the-road and off-road industries.

The test cell open-loop design allows for independent testing of the turbocharger compressor and turbine. Click here to read about the low flow test cell capabilities and operating ranges.

Instrumentation consists of pressure taps and thermocouples in locations according to SAE J1826 specifications. Sensors mounted in the horizontal, vertical, and axial directions provide a full vibration spectral and orbital analysis. To insure the accuracy of all collected data, sensors are calibrated with and are traceable to NIST standards. Multiple measurements from one location allow for the data to be scrutinized for instrumentation inconsistencies while under test. Finally, data integrity is maintained via a robust test database which is used to store all test data.

The control of the test cell is automated using NGML’s Opto22 control system. This automation permits cycle testing, specific ramp up and ramp-down testing, as well as any other programmed transient responses.


Turbo running in the LFTC